Loch Ross Farms

Loch Ross Farms is a small family-run dairy goat and meat sheep farm now in its 11th year of operation.  We produce healthy, natural products from home-grown and other reliable sources to make life simpler and more wholesome.

Hi Honey, I'm Here!

Our first run of honey in 2024 is now available on a limited basis. Try some today!

Lamb is What's for Dinner

Recent customer Jack F. says:

Just ate it. Set me up for another lamb! That was the most tender, least gamey, most flavorful lamb I have ever had. My dad has eaten at 3-star Michelin restaurants and said your lamb was of high quality.

  • On the Bottle!

    At 1 week, little #Ewenique loses her mother and starts bottle-feeding several times a day.

  • Exploring the World

    Under human supervision, #Ewenique explores the sheep's nighttime corral and their feeder.

  • A Place in the Sun

    Out from her pen, #Ewenique soaks in the sunshine on a beautiful early-spring day full of warmth and grass.

  • Herd About Ewe

    In the evening, #Ewenique (foreground) spends quality time with her herd.

  • Getting to Know Ewe

    #Ewenique bonds through the fence with a ewe and her lamb grazing in the pasture.

  • We Are Family

    #Ewenique plays with other lambs when they are reunited for the night.

  • On the Cusp

    On her first day in pasture, #Ewenique glances back before joining with the herd.

  • Ewe Go, Girl!

    Upon being called by name, #Ewenique leads the herd in for the evening.

The Loch Ross Monster

Our local sea monster, affectionately named "Rossie," inhabits the environs of Loch Ross, offering occasional glimpses of its mysterious activity. This first photo-verified sighting dates from October 15, 2015.

Haer ye gae, Loch Ness! Show your stuff!


  • Goat's Milk Soaps

    Available in 17 scents, our goat’s milk soaps are made the old-fashioned way to provide a good lather that cleans gently and soothingly. Exfoliating varieties and masculine scents are also available.

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  • Goat's Milk Caramels

    These delicious candies will bring a smile to your face as you taste the natural goodness of an old-fashioned goat’s milk treat. Our caramels come in traditional light flavors and in luscious dark varieties. If you can't make up your mind, try the assorted box!

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  • Honey

    Our honey is raw, coming straight from the beehives to be bottled.  The honey varies in color from white to amber, based on whatever is in season to be pollinated "as the bees please."  Enjoy the delicious taste and aroma of nature at its finest!

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  • Farm-Store Exclusives

    Visit the farm store on site to get fresh eggs, dairy goat kids, meat sheep, rabbits, livestock guardian puppies, and more!

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  • Gift Cards

    Can't decide what to give? Choose a gift card and let the lucky recipient solve that problem for you!

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About Loch Ross Farms

Our Story

Built on the site of a small cow-dairy operation started in 1946, Loch Ross Farms reflects the spirit of optimism and can-do determination typical of post-war America.  We began operation in 2013, starting with meat sheep, expanding to honeybees, and developing an orchard of 14 varieties of apples suitable to southwest Mississippi. And now, after retiring from our day jobs, we also produce dairy goats. (Learn more about All Creatures in our farm family.)

Slow down a bit to relax and enjoy our farm-raised, farm-grown, and farm-foraged, natural products - all showcasing Walthall County, Mississippi. It's what we call Walthall Wonderful.

  • Farm Store

    All of the products you'll see listed on our website are available for purchase in our Farm Store on the property. 

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  • Farm Tours

    Come see how the animals live in harmony with nature. Small groups are welcome, with arrangements made in advance.

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